We offer scheduled deliveries for specified times that each delivery is required. Whether you require a scheduled delivery completed daily, weekly, or monthly. We can assist you by managing your deliveries with ease and convenience.

If you have ;

  • Delivery or a pickup that is required to be done every day, once a week or once a month, at the same time.
  • A regular pickup from a location or locations that come to your company.
  • Regular delivery from your company that goes to another destination(s).

Some of our customers  require dedicated drivers to ensure their time-sensitive daily deliveries are completed. This service is one of the most popular services we offer. That’s because these routine deliveries come along with some considerable benefits.

Benefits of choosing scheduled deliveries are ;

  • You will save time by not having to repeatedly place delivery requests.
  • You will save money by not having to hire your own driver(s) along with the cost of maintaining the vehicle(s).
  • You will not have anybody to call in sick or broke down vehicle.

When it comes to business, time is valuable. Think about the amount of time you spend rerequesting delivery services, keeping your company vehicle well maintained,dealing with employee(s) call in sick. In the long run, this can cost you a lot of hassle and unnecessary time spent. Having scheduled deliveries enables you to focus on keeping your operation running smoothly since you know Arya Transportation will be making  your deliveries for you.

We have replaced large fleets of company owned vehicles throughout Alberta.These clients have greatly benefited. Who doesn’t like timely deliveries?

We offer this service 24 hours a day. Even at 4 am in the morning everyday. Our pre-scheduled service can be within Edmonton and anywhere in Alberta. Even between cities daily, weekly or monthly !