A Hotshot is a type of delivery that is needed urgently. Your products will be immediately dispatched to one of our designated vehicle with a driver dedicated exclusively to you. Our driver will give their  full attention to deliver your product as soon as possible. Arya Transportation finds the most direct route to each destination and follows it without interruption. To that end, we dedicate a vehicle to each client’s orders. This means that you won’t have to wait for us to deliver others’ goods before we get to yours, thus speeding up the service.

Our direct (hotshot) service is from the pick up location to the delivery location using a dedicated vehicle. We will pick up your freight and deliver immediately to its final destination without transfering other vehicles. We provide urgent delivery  services 24 hours a day , 365 days a year across Western Canada.

We can help you with all of your urgent delivery requirements from urgent documents to pallets of product. We’ll make sure that your freight gets to its destination on-time.Our Hot Shot Delivery services apply to all locations across Alberta, British Colombia and Saskatchewan.

We know when it is urgent, it is urgent. And it needs to be at its destination immediately. Arya Transportation gets the job done fast, safely, ahead of time, and without fail. We will go where others may not go such as oil fields, small towns or wherever your case and needs may be.

Arya Transportation is committed to giving you all the information we can throughout the delivery process. Whether you need to provide new instructions, ask a question, or simply check on the vehicle,we are always prepared to listen and respond.

Always ready to go 24/7, 365 days a year. We never close!

Our prices are lower than most hotshot companies in Alberta.